Thanks from your winner, Daren

Wow, what a great couple of weeks, I hope you all enjoyed it and learnt as much as I did! Your questions were brilliant and your votes were really appreciated; thank you so much. I am very proud to be selected as I was up against some fantastic scientists and because we were representing the magnificent Diamond Light source. I was genuinely surprised to be selected so I now need to think more about the finer details of my plans with what to do with the prize money.

The whole event was an eye opener and I was hooked from the first live chat with South Molton Community College. I wanted to answer every question possible. I hope you learnt a lot from our answers; not just about science but about what being a scientist is like, what drives us and why we love doing what we do. It was both refreshing and rewarding to speak to young students who were excited and passionate about science; hopefully you will consider using this passion to become the next generation of scientists, we need people like you.

I’m A Scientist wouldn’t be possible without the moderators and staff that run the event and the funders; so thanks to all of them! I will be recommending I’m A Scientist to all my colleagues and friends who are teachers.

Finally, I wish you all the best of luck with your studies. Maybe we will meet again, at a scientific conference, in the lab, or possibly at Diamond Light Source. Now, where can I get a 3D-printer…



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