• Question: how do you feel being in the last two of this nationalsae fti;o

    Asked by nerdwacthout to Daren, Jenny on 27 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Daren Fearon

      Daren Fearon answered on 27 Jun 2014:

      I’m not sure how this question was supposed to end… but it has been really great fun being part of IAS. The other guys in the zone have been fantastic and taught me a thing or two so I’m really proud to be in the final, Jenny is pretty tough competition though so winning is gonna be hard. I think I’ll have a void in my days when it is over and no one is asking me lots of questions about science! I’m looking forward to the last live chat today and I’ll try and be around for as much as I can.

    • Photo: Jenny Eyley

      Jenny Eyley answered on 27 Jun 2014:

      I’m so surprised I made it here! I’ve had about a million things to do this week so haven’t even spent half as much time answering the questions as I would have liked to! I’ve really enjoyed taking part in I’m a scientist – I’ve learnt so much myself, either by reading the other scientist’s questions or by having to look things up on google to answer some difficult questions! I should be around for most of the live chat, but I do have to give somebody a tour of the building half way through – talk about bad timing!